Star Wars One Sheet A

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Star Wars
Original One Sheet Poster Style A
1977 - 27" x 41"

With the release of Star Wars came the style 'A' one-sheet. There are at least four printing variations on this poster. A printing variation involves only changes in the NSS number located at the bottom of the poster. This poster is the rare first printing, which has the printing "ONE-SHEET-STYLE 'A' 77/21-0" in the lower right hand corner of the poster. The key here is the identifying code number 77/21-0. The "dash-zero" is the special number that was used on all the first printed and distributed publicity material. The lobbies 8X10 color stills and the one-sheet all had this code. The second printing has the same printing as the first except for the absence of the "dash-zero" at the end of the style description. The note to be made in the second printing is that the "dash-zero" could have been printed at the end of the 77/21 and not extend beyond the natural border of the artwork of the poster. A framing mark is evident in this printing and shows where the "dash-zero" could have been placed. The third printing is similar to the second printing with the exception that the 77/21 NSS number has been set flush with the framing mark. Also, the title of the film Star Wars appears below the 77/21 number and is set flush with the framing mark.
The fourth printing is the same as the third printing except that the description of the style has been omitted from the printing style information.
The insert size style 'A' also has two known printing variations. The first version has NSS number 77/21. The second version has no NSS number, and was printed for the release of Star Wars on videotape
This poster is a rare find in this condition. This poster is graded as "near-mint". It is unused and was never displayed. In fact, this poster has not been touched since the day it was printed. On rare occasions does this poster turn up in this condition. There are no holes, no marks, no tears, no stains and the edges are perfect. If it were not factory folded, it would have been graded as mint.
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